It is said that those of us with Aquarius rising can pursue engineering, photography or astrology as a career. I decided to take all of those alternatives, and on top of that, I added cooking to the list.

My affinity with numbers led me to start with science. First, I was a computer engineer and then, while getting my masters in biomedical engineering I came into contact with images for the first time through Magnetic Resonance Imaging. I looked at the bodies inside until one day it occurred to me that it could also be fun to portray them from the outside. This is when my interest in photography arose.

After so many years in front of computers, added to my constant search for perfection through details, it was inevitable that I start experimenting with photographic retouching. It was through post-production that I began my path as a photographer.

The best thing about this path that I took has been the possibility of sharing it with many different people who have accompanied me in every production, leaving unique experiences behind in addition to the photographs. The images you can see here also belong to all of those who helped me create them and to anyone who wishes to contemplate them.


- Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Hyundai, HBO, The New York Times, Rosetta Stone, Pepsi, Nestle